SIF Error Categories and Codes

SIF Error Categories and Codes


The fol­low­ing table pro­vides some addi­tion­al infor­ma­tion for mes­sages that may be returned by the ZIS when a SIF agent sends a mes­sage to it. The first 3 columns should be con­tained in the mes­sage itself; the last col­umn here may include more infor­ma­tion than may be includ­ed in the mes­sage itself. The mes­sage itself may include addi­tion­al infor­ma­tion spe­cif­ic to the errant message. 

SIF Cat­e­go­rySIF CodeError Mes­sageExtend­ed Information
11Gener­ic errorThere was an inter­nal ZIS error while try­ing to parse this mes­sage. Please con­tact the ZIS Admin­is­tra­tor with the details of this message.
2Mes­sage is not well-formedThe mes­sage must begin with the XML_Message open­ing tag, it must NOT be null AND if val­i­da­tion is turned on for the zone, it must pass XML val­i­da­tion for the zone. You will also get this mes­sage if you browse the ZIS XML URL.
3Gener­ic val­i­da­tion errorThis mes­sage was test­ed against the SIF XML val­i­da­tion schema and it failed. 
4Invalid val­ue for element/attributeInvalid val­ue for element/attribute accord­ing to the SIF Specification.
5Miss­ing manda­to­ry element/attributeMiss­ing manda­to­ry element/attribute accord­ing to the SIF Specification.
21Gener­ic errorRun­time Error occured on encryption.
31Gener­ic errorRun­time Error on authentication.
2Gener­ic authen­ti­ca­tion error (with signature)Gener­ic authen­ti­ca­tion error (with signature).
3Miss­ing sender's certificateMiss­ing sender's certificate.
4Invalid cer­tifi­cateInvalid cer­tifi­cate.
5Sender's cer­tifi­cate is not trustedSender's cer­tifi­cate is not trusted.
6Expired cer­tifi­cateExpired cer­tifi­cate.
7Invalid sig­na­tureInvalid sig­na­ture.
8Invalid encryp­tion algo­rithm (only accepts MD4)Invalid encryp­tion algo­rithm (only accepts MD4).
9Miss­ing pub­lic key of the receiv­er (when decrypt­ing message)Miss­ing pub­lic key of the receiv­er (when decrypt­ing message).
10Miss­ing receiver's pri­vate key (when decrypt­ing message)Miss­ing receiver's pri­vate key (when decrypt­ing message).
41Gener­ic errorRun­time Error on access and permissions.
2No per­mis­sion to registerThis either could mean that there is no agent with this Sour­ceId in this zone OR the agent is spec­i­fied but not marked "Allowed to Reg­is­ter" OR the agent does not have per­mis­sion to reg­is­ter. Before assum­ing that there is a ZIS error, check Sour­ceId CaSe — many reg­is­ter errors are spelling errors.
3No per­mis­sion to pro­vide this objectZIS Admin­is­tra­tor must allow per­mi­sion to pro­vide this object.
4No per­mis­sion to sub­scribe to this SIF_EventZIS Admin­is­tra­tor must allow per­mis­sion to sub­scribe to this event.
5No per­mis­sion to request this objectZIS Admin­is­tra­tor must allow per­mis­sion to request this object.
6No per­mis­sion to respond to this object requestZIS Admin­is­tra­tor must allow perms­sion to respond to the request­ed object.
7No per­mis­sion to pub­lish SIF_EventZIS Admin­is­tra­tor must allow per­mis­sion to pub­lish events for this object.
8No per­mis­sion to admin­is­ter policiesNo per­mis­sion to admin­is­ter policies.
9SIF_SourceId is not registeredAn oper­a­tion was request­ed for an agent before the agent was reg­is­tered in the zone.
10No per­mis­sion to pub­lish SIF_Event AddZIS Admin­is­tra­tor must allow per­mis­sion to pub­lish add event for this object.
11No per­mis­sion to pub­lish SIF_Event ChangeZIS Admin­is­tra­tor must allow per­mis­sion to pub­lish change event for this object.
12No per­mis­sion to pub­lish SIF_Event DeleteZIS Admin­is­tra­tor must allow per­mis­sion to pub­lish delete event for this object.
51Gener­ic errorAn error occurred on reg­is­ter that couldn't be caught. Have ZIS admin­is­tra­tor con­sult ZIS log­file for more detail.
1Gener­ic errorZIS encounter an error found mul­ti­ple agents with the same SourceId.
1Gener­ic errorAgent buffer­size to large; ZIS sup­ports a max­i­mum buffer­size defined in its con­fig­u­ra­tion of: 
1Gener­ic errorAgent mode must be Push or Pull — some oth­er val­ue was specified.
1Gener­ic errorif Push, Secure and HTTPS, the Reg­is­ter mes­sage must have a URL
2The SIF_SourceId is invalidThe ZIS data­base is in an incon­sis­tent state — it appears that there is more than one agent con­nec­tion for this Sour­ceId in this Zone. Please noti­fy the ZIS administrator.
3Request­ed trans­port pro­to­col is unsupportedif Push and Secure, pro­to­col type musn't be any­thing oth­er than HTTPS
4Request­ed SIF_Version(s) not supported.Agent request­ed a ver­sion not sup­port­ed by this ZIS.
6Request­ed SIF_MaxBufferSize is too smallZIS sup­ports the min­i­mum buffer size defined in its con­fig­u­ra­tion of : 
7ZIS requires a secure transportif Push and Secure, then Pro­to­col type must NOT be HTTP
9Agent is reg­is­tered for push mode (returned when a push-mode agent sends a SIF_GetMessage).SIF agents may only send SIF_SystemControl mes­sages if they are reg­is­tered in Pull mode. This agent is reg­is­tered in Push mode.
61Gener­ic errorRun­time Error on Provision.
3Invalid objectObject­Name must be valid for the SIF ver­sion specified.
4Object already has a provider (SIF_Provide message)Object already has a provider (SIF_Provide message).
71Gener­ic errorRun­time Error on Subscription.
3Invalid objectObject­Name must be valid for the SIF ver­sion specified.
81Gener­ic errorRun­time Error occured on Request or Response.
3Invalid objectObject­Name must be valid for the SIF ver­sion specified
4No providerThere must be a provider of the object specified.
7Respon­der does not sup­port request­ed SIF_VersionRespon­der does not sup­port request­ed SIF_Version.
8Respon­der does not sup­port request­ed SIF_MaxBufferSizeRespon­der does not sup­port request­ed SIF_MaxBufferSize.
9Unsup­port­ed query in requestUnsup­port­ed query in request.
10Invalid SIF_RequestMsgId spec­i­fied in SIF_ResponseInvalid SIF_RequestMsgId spec­i­fied in SIF_Response.
11SIF_Response is larg­er than request­ed SIF_MaxBufferSizeSIF_Response is larg­er than request­ed SIF_MaxBufferSize.
12SIF_PacketNumber is invalid in SIF_ResponseSIF_PacketNumber is invalid in SIF_Response.
13SIF_Response does not match any SIF_Version from SIF_RequestSIF_Response does not match any SIF_Version from SIF_Request.
14SIF_DestinationId does not match SIF_SourceId from SIF_RequestSIF_DestinationId does not match SIF_SourceId from SIF_Request.
15No sup­port for SIF_ExtendedQueryNo sup­port for SIF_ExtendedQuery.
16SIF_RequestMsgId delet­ed from cache due to timeoutSIF_RequestMsgId delet­ed from cache due to timeout.
17SIF_RequestMsgId delet­ed from cache by administratorSIF_RequestMsgId delet­ed from cache by administrator.
91Gener­ic errorRun­time Error occured on Event.
2Invalid eventEvent must be valid accord­ing to the SIF Specification.
101Gener­ic errorRun­time Error occured on transport.
2Request­ed pro­to­col is not supportedRequest­ed pro­to­col is not supported.
3Secure chan­nel request­ed and no secure path existsZIS would like to send this mes­sage to agent, but is not allowed to because the secure require­ments attached to this mes­sage for­bid it.
4Unable to estab­lish connectionUnable to estab­lish connection.
111Gener­ic errorRun­time Error occured on the system.
121Gener­ic errorRun­time Error on Gen­er­al Mes­sage Handling.
1Gener­ic errorSour­ceId is invalid in this zone.
1Gener­ic errorSIF object spec­i­fied is invalid accord­ing to the schema.
1Gener­ic errorCould not retrieve mes­sage type for event.
1Gener­ic errorSIF Mes­sage exceeds the max­i­mum buffer­size of the agent.
1Gener­ic errorRun­time error occured on gen­er­al mes­sage handling.
2Mes­sage not supportedMes­sage not supported.
3Ver­sion not supportedZIS sup­ports only US ver­sion 1.5r1 and above, AU ver­sion 1.0 and above or UK ver­sion 1.1 and above.
4Con­text not supportedThe con­text includ­ed in this mes­sage is not sup­port­ed by this ZIS
5Pro­to­col error

If this mes­sage is an event, GetMes­sage, request or response, many things are checked and can cause this error. 

  • If this mes­sage has a SIF_Security ele­ment present, then the val­ues spec­i­fied in it must be equal to or high­er than the min­i­mum val­ues set for the zone and equal to or high­er to the val­ues the agent reg­is­tered with.
  • If the agent is reg­is­tered HTTPS, then the cer­tifi­cate will be checked accord­ing to the authen­ti­ca­tion lev­el. If Lev­el 3, the CN in the cer­tifi­cate attached to the mes­sage will be com­pared against the saved copy of the cer­tifi­cate on the ZIS. If the two don't match, then the mes­sage will be rejected.
  • The cer­tifi­cate must be valid — it must match the URL, it must not be expired, etc.
6No such mes­sage (as iden­ti­fied by SIF_OriginalMsgId)No such mes­sage (as iden­ti­fied by SIF_OriginalMsgId).
7Mul­ti­ple con­texts not supportedMul­ti­ple con­texts not supported
131Gener­ic errorRun­time Error occured invok­ing SMB.
2SMB can only be invoked dur­ing a SIF_Event acknowledgementSMB can only be invoked dur­ing a SIF_Event acknowledgement.
3Final SIF_Ack expect­ed from Push-Mode AgentFinal SIF_Ack expect­ed from Push-Mode Agent.
4Incor­rect SIF_MsgId in final SIF_AckIncor­rect SIF_MsgId in final SIF_Ack.

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