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ContentNew Century EducationAllJim Griffin

New Century uses adaptive diagnostic tests (1 for math and 1 for Reading/language arts) to determine the average grade level and what a student knows and what he or she is missing. The tests typically take less than an hour. The tests drill down to lower levels and to higher levels, so the student is only learning what he needs to be proficient. The tests generate an individualized lesson path for the student, starting with the lowest skill gaps.

Students must pass mastery tests to confirm mastery of learning objectives before moving forward. The lesson paths are also adaptive. Students who need additional lessons to scaffold them to mastery, automatically receive them. Students who learn quickly are expressed through the lessons. Learning is therefore efficient. Students with access to computers on nights and weekends have recovered four grade levels in a year.

Dedicated students in school have been able to move two grade levels above their class. If a student continues to struggle, the teacher is alerted to help them, and can pull the specific lesson and review it with the student. There is even a review system at the end of the lesson that identifies which frames of the lesson were not successfully answered. The software handles most of the students most of the time, the teacher, or mentor, is focused where they are needed most.


ICLICK DIGITAL DATA ANALYTICS TECHNOLOGIES COMPANY LIMITED (iClick) is incorporated in Uganda as a company limited by guarantee without shareholding- Not for profit Digital Organization.

The aim of the organization is to promote digital innovation in social works (health, education, social protection and livelihood) interventions. The organization is brain child of Mr. Enyaga Fulukas Boroa who has 20yrs project management experience. Of this, 8yrs with USAID as Chief of Party.

He will work alongside his longer fellows; Mr. Kamwesigye Neckvilleus who has 12yrs of experience working with USAID projects as HIV case management specialist and advisor, Mr. Etwop Willy who has over 10yrs working experience with USAID as Monitoring and Evaluation Director and ICT systems advisor, Mr. Erima Naphtal who has 12yrs experience working with CDC as Digital Data analysts, specialist, Ms. Nabukeera Philista Gwoita who has 4yrs experience working with USAID grants and Database specialist and systems engineer, Mr. Okuti Richard who has 16yrs experience working with the Ministry of ICT and Information in Uganda. Mrs. Betty Katushabe who has 12yrs of finance and accounting and she fully understands USAID rules and regulations.

With the length of years this team have worked with Ministry, USAID and CDC projects their level of commitment and competence to deliver this project in the East African region is not doubted. Their multi-disciplinary blend will help the project to even be more successful. They are just not a team of ICT or software developers; they are managers who are technically grounded in the programmatic aspect of this project. They will help to support the team in Kenya and Liberia.

ImplementationHabitat for HumanityUgandaRobert Otim

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating safe, affordable housing for people in need. With a mission to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness, Habitat for Humanity mobilizes volunteers, community members, and partner organizations to build and rehabilitate homes. By providing a hand-up, not a handout, Habitat for Humanity enables families and individuals to achieve strength, stability, and self-reliance through homeownership. Through its housing programs, advocacy efforts, and community engagement, Habitat for Humanity works towards a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

ImplementationInnovation for Making a Better Liberia (INNOBEL)LiberiaFelton Fouah

Innovation for Making a Better Liberia (INNOBEL) is a dynamic organization dedicated to fostering innovation and positive change in Liberia. Our mission is to harness the power of creativity, technology, and collaboration to address the country’s pressing challenges and drive sustainable development. Through our innovative initiatives, programs, and partnerships, we aim to empower individuals, communities, and institutions with the tools, knowledge, and resources needed to create lasting social and economic impact. By promoting entrepreneurship, education, and inclusive innovation, INNOBEL is paving the way for a brighter future for Liberia, where creativity and innovation are catalysts for positive transformation.

ImplementationCYAN KenyaKenyaJoseph Were

Our organization specializes in providing comprehensive project management services. We are committed to facilitating the development of sustainable community mechanisms that ensure the long-term success of projects. With a strong emphasis on consistent monitoring, we ensure that projects remain on track and meet their objectives within the community. Our team is equipped with exceptional organizational skills, allowing us to efficiently coordinate and execute projects. We take pride in our robust implementation strategies, which are driven by the active involvement of the community. By establishing strong connections between community stakeholders and the government, we leverage partnerships for the project’s advantage. Our expertise lies in implementing community-led engagement strategies that promote health, empower youth, and foster project support.


Experience- since 2004 been delivering good quality Education and health care community projects through our affiliated partners Skills- community project management Resources to contribute: social works/volunteers

ImplementationVillage Plan Initiative (VIPI)KenyaDaniel Momposhi

We are a youth-led organization working to empower women savings groups to build their economic resilience, improve their health like MNCH, Primary Healthcare, and Nutrition, promote environmental sustainability and climate change, Women in Leadership and majorly education program. In education, we strive to promote digital literacy, adult literacy, vocational training, post secondary mentorship and scholarships linking program. We currently have 11 Cluster centers where the savings groups members meet regularly to carry out their programs. The eleven clusters have over 230 saving groups which have a total of over 6,000 members.

ImplementationYoung Life



Simon Peter Okiria

Morris Bowreh

Young Life is a vibrant and impactful organization that is making a difference in the lives of young people across Africa. With a mission to introduce adolescents to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith, Young Life provides a supportive and inclusive community where young people can thrive. Through engaging programs, mentorship, and meaningful relationships, Young Life creates a safe space for teenagers to explore their faith, discover their potential, and build strong character.

Young Life is a relational and disciple-making ministry. Leaders and recruited, trained, and commissioned to go out and make disciples.

Young Life believes in meeting young people where they are, both geographically and culturally. With a presence in various African countries, including Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, and more, Young Life tailors its programs to meet the specific needs and realities of each community. Whether in urban centers or rural villages, Young Life volunteers and staff work tirelessly to build genuine connections with young people, offering guidance, support, and a listening ear.

Through dynamic activities, such as camps, clubs, and small group gatherings, Young Life creates opportunities for young Africans to experience a sense of belonging, develop life skills, and deepen their faith. Young Life also equips young leaders to become positive role models within their communities, empowering them to make a lasting impact on their peers and the world around them. 

By working with them, they will help support eNeighborhood Project activities in creating and managing community-based Digital Learning Centers.

With a focus on holistic development, Young Life addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of young people. By providing mentorship, counseling, and access to educational resources, Young Life helps young Africans overcome obstacles and pursue their dreams. Through their involvement in Young Life, many young people have discovered their purpose, found hope in challenging circumstances, and experienced transformational life change.

Young Life’s impact extends far beyond individual lives. By investing in the next generation of leaders, Young Life is building a brighter future for Africa. Through the ripple effect of changed lives, Young Life is shaping communities, strengthening families, and creating a positive legacy for generations to come.  

In Africa, Young Life is making a difference by offering love, support, and hope to young people, empowering them to become leaders of integrity, faith, and compassion.  Lastly, Young Life is raising good Christ-centered leaders t be the next generation of leaders to drive the continent.

PilotGood Care Children MinistryUgandaTimothy Sserugga

The Good Care Children Ministry in Mityana, Uganda, is a compassionate organization dedicated to providing care and support to vulnerable children in the community. Through a range of programs and initiatives, we strive to meet the physical, emotional, and educational needs of children facing various challenges. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure that each child receives love, proper nutrition, access to education, and a safe environment to grow and thrive. With a focus on holistic development and community empowerment, we are committed to making a positive and lasting impact on the lives of these children, helping them build a brighter future.

PilotMacecall Children MissionKenyaAlfred Muthomi Kithure 
PilotProject Shelter WakadogoUgandaFarah Williamson

Shelter Wakadogo in Gulu, Uganda, has flourished from a school with only two classrooms founded in the wake of war to now educating over 477 girls and boys with one of the highest student retention rates in the country. Its commitment to providing free school meals, healthcare and a quality education for the surrounding community has seen the school become a second home for many. Project Shelter Wakadogo is a pre-primary and primary not-for-profit school located in Gulu District in Uganda, and is a registered charity in the UK, Canada and Uganda.

The name ‘Wakadogo’ translates to ‘for the little ones’ in Swahili. The charity was founded in 2005 when northern Uganda was emerging from 23 years of civil war. During the war, 40,000 children were abducted to serve as child soldiers or, in the case of girls, “wives” to other soldiers. 1.7 million people were displaced and over 100,000 people abducted or mutilated by the Lord’s Resistance Army.

Wakadogo School, the first school in Acoyo village, opened its doors in 2009 to educate some of the most marginalised children. Wakadogo’s vision is to educate a new generation of children in northern Uganda by providing a quality education that enables them to shape a prosperous future for themselves. They believe that education is the most powerful and effective way to change lives.

PilotRILOLiberiaMorris Matadi

The RILO (Rebuilding Innovative Learning Opportunities) School in Port Buchanan, Liberia, is a non-profit educational institution that provides quality education to children in the neighborhood. The RILO School, a ministry of the IDEFOCS parent organization that focuses on rehabilitating former child soldiers, plays a critical role in empowering young learners via education. With a devoted staff of instructors and a supportive learning environment, we want to alter lives and create a brighter future for the children of Port Buchanan.

PilotSOS Children VillageLiberiaFrank Gleh Karnley